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My Interest in Wildlife Photography

I still have fond memories of hiding in the bushes with my Grandfather's Argus camera, trying to capture photos of backyard birds at our feeder. As I grew older, wildlife photography was always my first choice. I especially treasured my first SLR purchased (a Minolta SRT 101) when I was in high school. During that same time period I built my own darkroom.

After earning a B.S. degree in Environmental Science/Wildlife Management, I started a family as well as a career as a Virginia State Game Warden. Currently my wife is a librarian at William & Mary College and my son is a student at Randolph Macon College. My home is in Lanexa, Virginia, which is approximately 20 minutes west of Williamsburg.

My passion for wildlife photography has never diminished. Within the last two years my interest has been revitalized. Vacations and side trips are now all photography related. My travels are usually to National Parks or Wildlife Refuges. Photo trips have been taken as far north as Acadia (Maine)/St. Bonaventure (Quebec)/Algonquin (Ontario), as far south as the Everglades/Merritt Island/Wakodahatchee (Florida) and as far west as Yellowstone/Tetons (Wyoming), Bosque del Apache (New Mexico) and Denali/Katmai (Alaska). My favorite local sites are Shenandoah National Park and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

In order to fulfill my photography desire, I sold my boat and purchased some quality camera equipment. My gear is targeted to wildlife photography. After research, I decided to purchase Canon equipment (1V HS, EOS 3, 400/2.8, 400/5.6, 70-200/2.8, 35-70/2.8, 1.4X & 2X converters, 550 flash w/Better Beamer). I also use a Gitzo 1548 tripod with a Wimberley head and 1588 monopod. I prefer saturated colors within my photographs and primarily use Fuji Velvia 50 slide film and scan them with a Nikon Coolscan V. Last year I purchased my first digital camera, a Canon 20D. After using this camera for a year and grasping the fundamentals of digital photography, I now know that a complete transition from film to digital will only be limited by finances.

I sure hope you enjoy the pictures on this site because I certainly had a good time taking them. All of the pictures within the galleries are of wild animals taken in their natural environments (none of the photos are of captive or zoo animals). Thanks for taking a look.

All images/photographs appearing on this web site are the sole property of Ken Conger Photography. These images/photographs are protected by the U.S. Copyright Laws and shall not to be downloaded or reproduced by any means without the formal written permission of Ken Conger Photography.

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to send along an e-mail me.